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Laura Barquín is dedicated to illustration, concept art, and comics. Two years ago she got a degree in Creation and Design with a minor in illustration at the UPV/EHU and was awarded the extraordinary End of Degree award. After this, she studied a Master in concept art and illustration to complete her academic training. She is dedicated to both graphic design and illustration projects. Although she began her career focused on the world of design, especially applied to music, creating merchandising for local groups or generating visual identities and logos, her work currently focuses more on the creation of illustrations, such as comics or concept art, which consists in the design of characters, spaces or props for the animation or video game industry. When generating his images, she pays great attention to the atmosphere and composition, seeking to generate very narrative scenes that make the viewer feel immersed in the illustration. To achieve this, she pays a lot of attention to color and light, having as a great influence the world of cinema, which is reflected in his illustrations, which have cinematographic finishes.