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Everything will be okay

There are things that happen, unforeseen events at the last minute; a 404 error when it shouldn't; receiving a meeting request that overlaps with another; that Figma or internet connection drop (which is almost the same thing); changes for yesterday; receiving a logo in Power Point; running out of cookies in the office, or worse, coffee; an algorithm change at Google; or that a fire burns down the servers where your website is hosted.

It is human to get carried away by the panic this kind of situations cause. However, it’s important to always have tools on hand to help us stay calm and have a positive attitude. On these occasions, we always resort to the expression “Everything will be okay”, a message of positive reinforcement that is linked to the Worköholics culture and refers to our way of doing things and responding to the challenges that come our way.

A kind of commitment to resist adversity that has to do with the idea of resilience and perseverance. "Everything will be okay" is also a famous phrase from Nagore Frias, the agency's project manager. A kind of mantra, which despite its apparent simplicity and its obvious similarities with other promises in the positivism industry, is always most effective and helps us face these situations with humor and optimism.

Although if Nagore herself doesn't tell you, the effect is not the same, that's how it is. "When facing the challenges that our clients pose, it is important to take their needs into account, make good planning, define priorities well... Because although the paper supports everything, it is inevitable that there are days when things don’t go as planned. And it is there, when, panic spreads and we see no way out, when it’s time to catch a breath, change perspective, sit down to think and act accordingly. Because at the end, we know that everything will be okay” Well, thanks Nagore (s of the world)!