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Transversal digital strategy of social networks. Generating relationships with the professional public in the world of agriculture and construction.

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Bellota, a world leader in the manufacture of tools and solutions for sectors such as agriculture, construction and industry, trusts Worköholics to deploy an omnichannel digital communication strategy focused on social networks that allows them to strengthen and establish lasting ties with their community.

Bellota brand saw

We activate a global service that seeks to create meaningful connections with a professional audience, create experiences capable of connecting, as well as build a quality community in order to promote brand recognition, notoriety and visibility.

The Social Media Plan as a roadmap to connect with professional audience

Since its foundation more than 100 years ago, Bellota has consolidated its position in the market as a reference brand for the quality, hardness and resistance of the tools they design, manufacture and market, which are passed on from generation to generation.

During the strategic phase, the starting point of the project, we establish measurable objectives that allow us to assess the effectiveness of the actions included in the tactical plan. From here, we delimit the target audiences, define the brand personality of Bellota in social networks, always faithful to its values, and establish a graphic line adapted to the different categories and families of tools according to the professional field to which they are addressed

Under this premise, we designed a global communication strategy aimed at attracting a qualified professional audience and designed a content plan that, like Bellota, puts the user at the center.

Content creation for a memorable brand experience

On Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok, we deploy a content plan focused on the use of the tools, on the work that can be carried out with them and on advice. We take advantage of all the potential offered by the diversity of formats and channels of each social network, from videos of tools in use in Shorts, to active participation in professional groups on Facebook.

Based on this plan, we nurture the networks with content capable of generating engagement, arousing interest in the community and the target audience, and reflecting Bellota's philosophy. We create reels with tools in use, product comparisons, tips and advice on the use of tools, and we launch raffles that allow us to increase and build community loyalty. We also provide coverage for Bellota during its participation in trade fairs, amplifying this physical presence by transferring it to social channels, where we carry out live demonstrations or training, among other actions.

Campañas de Bellota en Instagram
Campañas de Bellota en Instagram
Campañas de Bellota en Instagram

Most of the content published is focused on people, with whom we empathize so that they perceive Bellota as what it is, a brand that accompanies them on a daily basis, aware of the hard work, effort and dedication of its users.

bellota mobile screen
bellota mobile screen
bellota mobile screen

Collaborations with influencers, initiatives and brands related to Bellota's activities

We partner with different profiles specialized in the creation of content related to agriculture and construction, who become brand ambassadors for Bellota. We seek to generate trust and reach new related audiences, launching collaborations linked to different topics: new product launches, tips on the use of tools, collaborative raffles, etc. Furthermore, we carry out cobrandings with brands that complement Bellota's offer, or collaborate with solidarity initiatives.

Herramientas marca Bellota

Launching and lead generation campaigns: even closer to the professional

With the firm objective of strengthening ties with professional users, we activate campaigns focused on attracting leads through the Active Campaign tool. Live trainings, tool raffles, or initiatives that highlight the work of professionals, among other valuable content, allow us to increase an increasingly segmented and qualified database, allowing Bellota to relate directly with a growing professional community to which we can offer content based on their real interests.

Some results achieved in 2023

  • +30.69%
    on Instagram
  • +114.24%
    impressions on
  • 53M
    impressions on Facebook
  • 5.59%
    average CTR on Meta Ads
  • +40K%
    views on YouTube
  • 2,000
    leads captures
    via Active campaign
  • 24.95%
    conversion rate
    in one of the
    latest campaigns