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Getxo Kultura

New digital asset that connects the cultural network of Getxo. A space to promote the town's cultural proposal and encourage citizen participation.

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The new Getxo Kultura website contributes to the positioning of the entity as a promoter of cultural activity, promoting initiatives organized by different groups and promoting citizen participation in all cultural areas.

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A digital experience aimed at facilitating participation in the cultural life of the municipality

Designed to maximize conversions, the site seeks to increase ticket sales and the number of people associated with Getxo Kultura. It also focuses on retaining frequent visitors through updated and unique content. Additionally, it aims to generate recommendations and content virality, turning citizens into promoters of the cultural offer.

On the other hand, the website serves as a window for Getxo's cultural offer, making associations and available spaces visible, and promoting the rental of these spaces to boost cultural activities. All of this is offered on a bilingual platform, in Basque and Spanish, ensuring accessibility and inclusion, adapting to the linguistic diversity of the municipality.

Thus, a dynamic and attractive site is created that not only promotes local culture but also encourages active community participation in all its cultural initiatives.

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The intuitive and accessible interface ensures that both citizens and cultural associations find value in its use and interaction with the offered content.

Optimal performance and efficient content management

The culture doesn't stop. Neither does the website. That is why the technical approach of the project ensures that both the management and updating of the website are fast and efficient, allowing a constant update of the content without compromising the performance of the site.

Regarding the technological solution, the Getxo Kultura website uses WordPress as its CMS. In addition, to facilitate content management to the maximum, extensive UX writing work has been done on the manager itself, making content updates as intuitive as possible.

For the front end, a headless model with Astro is used, which allows efficient content updates and optimizes website performance. This configuration incorporates a solution that updates only the new content, optimizing loading and management times, crucial for the website's SEO positioning.

Furthermore, integration with Pinterest in the library section expands functionalities and resources available to users, offering an even richer experience.

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mockup web getxo kultura iphone

Getxo's cultural activity starts here

The interface design of the new Getxo Kultura website follows the new graphic line conceived by Estudio Marina Goñi, achieving coherent and attractive visual integration. With a minimalist proposal, the first moment of the website highlights relevant cultural events through a visual slider.

Additionally, access to streaming events is facilitated, and content related to different spaces is presented. The color-coded categorization according to the theme of each event and a focus on accessibility ensure a simple and effective user experience for everyone.

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web getxo kultura events
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The website, in which images of events and artists are the protagonists, transforms the classic physical event agenda into an immersive and attractive digital space.

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web getxo kultura iphones