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An app that elevates the experience at ZEID Fest. Connecting people with their passions.

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The application, created by Worköholics for the Zeinen Ederra Izango Den festival, arises from the collaboration with the operator Guuk. The project seeks to offer festival attendees an enhanced experience, facilitating a digital connection between attendees and the organization.

Zeid app in a mobile

Guuk & Worköholics, an association in favor of culture

The ZEID Fest app is the result of a strategic partnership between Worköholics and Guuk. It is the second joint project following the successful development of Kirolapp, the digital transformation project from which, among others, the Bilbao Basket app emerged. In the case of the ZEID Fest app, made for the last two editions of the event, we combined our experience in design and technology to deliver an application that not only informs but also actively engages the user.

zeid mobile screen
zeid mobile screen
zeid mobile screen
zeid mobile screen

The objective of this project is to enrich the user experience by providing valuable content and facilitating interaction through interactive features.

Beyond a festival experience

The ZEID Fest app acts as an information and engagement channel for festival attendees. del festival. From the event schedule to artist details and venue maps, the app serves as a comprehensive guide to enhance the festival experience. Additionally, it includes streaming of the radio program and updated news, ensuring users are always informed.

Features worthy of a festival like ZEID

The ZEID Fest application has truly useful and interesting features, designed to offer a complete digital experience to attendees before, during, and after the event. First, it is worth highlighting the developed push notification system, which allows real-time alerts to be sent to people who have downloaded the application, for example, about the start of concerts or other important announcements.

Another standout feature, aimed at lead generation, is related to the gamification of the application. For this, we created an interactive quiz that allows participants to win prizes such as merchandise or tickets for future editions of the festival.

Additionally, to offer a truly personalized experience, the app allows users to set reminders for their favorite concerts and edit their personal preferences. Furthermore, as a multilingual application, it allows content consumption in both Basque and Spanish, thus facilitating a truly inclusive experience at the linguistic level.

An attractive and usable interface design, aligned with ZEID's graphics

The key to the success of the ZEID app lies in its ability to integrate the main festival information with useful features for the user. And all this in a dynamic and easy-to-use interface, capable of ensuring a high level of engagement among users.

The application design is also conceived as an extension of everything that happens during a music festival like ZEID Fest. Both the award-winning Pràcticatypography and the colors of the artist profiles perfectly integrate with the illustrations created by Cuernolobo.

Zeid mockup app look for artist

A new standard for technological integration for live cultural events

Technically, the ZEID app has been designed with a scalable and replicable architecture, which allows not only future integration with other APIs and the expansion of its features but also the adaptation of this platform for other festivals and events. The hybrid technology used, combining Ionic and Capacitor, facilitates its adaptation and growth as the needs of the festival and its audience change, as well as enabling efficient implementation in different contexts and events and broad applicability of the model.

Zeid mockup app quizz

It is a hybrid solution based on Ionic and Capacitor, capable of deploying on both iOS and Android with a single code base. The data is integrated through a Rest API implemented in Strapi with a MySQL database, ensuring secure and efficient management of content and user interactions.

Anuaria award

Design recognized by the sector

The excellence in design and functionality of the ZEID application has been recognized with the LAUS 2024 award for graphic design and visual communication for the best non-transactional application, adding to the Anuaria de Oro for the best app. These awards validate the quality of the design and the innovative nature of the project, highlighting its cultural and economic importance in the field of live events.

Best app 2024

Anuaria de Oro and LAUS