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Iberdrola Anomalies App: productivity in the energy sector through user experience and integration capacity.

  • Digitalization of processes
  • Digital product

We created a mobile application for Iberdrola that optimizes efficiency in the reporting and management of anomalies thanks to the digitization of its processes. A participatory project, focused from its definition on responding to the needs of the users: field operators, management team and quality personnel.

The electricity distribution company is committed to improving its internal processes for reporting and managing anomalies and facilitating the work of the company's technical staff. Together with our technological partner Irontec, we created a tool that allows you to report anomalies in the field in an agile and simplified way and a webapp to monitor and treat them throughout their entire life cycle.

Optimization and efficiency through the digitization of processes

Iberdrola periodically carries out a review of its electrical installations and networks. We work together with the Irontec team, advanced technological engineering, in optimizing this process, until then manual, with an App that integrates into the day-to-day of the company's workers. In this way, we achieve agility and efficiency, also achieving data traceability throughout the entire life cycle.

Speed, reliability and agility in processes

We improve work processes by creating an app aimed at people who work in the field. An easy-to-use tool that allows them to report anomalies in real time through a guided process and providing visual information in extreme conditions.

In addition, to offer statistical information on the recorded data, we created a website that, born with a purely informative objective and information consumption, has evolved, incorporating different functionalities. By allowing the monitoring of data traceability and the management of anomalies throughout the entire life cycle, it has become a new daily work tool within the company.

Iberdrola mobile screen, new anomalies
Iberdrola mobile screen, anomaly details
Iberdrola mobile screen, anomaly details
Iberdrola mobile screen, success screen

Creative thinking methodology from the definition

In order to create a useful work tool and respond to the needs of users, we use Design Thinking creative thinking methodologies, whose objective is to generate solutions according to problems detected in a certain framework. To do this, we created a focus group and involved them in the definition of the tool through different joint work dynamics. This allows us to understand what their day-to-day is like, what they need and what they expect from the tool. The results obtained become the basis on which we define and design a functional mobile application, capable of streamlining and improving your daily work experience.

Visual, simple and intuitive: the perfect tool

GIAPP is the anomaly reporting, monitoring and management tool, aimed at officers working in the field, so that they can create, treat and close anomalies.

Through a user-focused design, we optimize the experience by responding to the real needs in their context of use. In this way, anomalies can be reported from the application in a visual, simple and intuitive way in extreme working conditions, in underground areas, suspended from light poles or from a helicopter.

Easy to use

GIAPP allows anomalies to be reported through geolocation and the reading of NFC chips. In addition, it is designed to accompany and guide the person throughout the process through a simple and agile process to complete. To improve the user experience, it offers feedback messages and a motion with attention to detail.

Evolution and new challenges

The app is native and developed for work caterpillars that run on the Android operating system. In addition, it is integrated with external tools and technologies that allow the implementation of functionalities ensuring the scalability of the product to respond to the new needs detected after the launch of the pilot project and the tests carried out with the tool.

We create work tools

Together with the application, we designed and developed a webapp to monitor the anomalies collected in the field and to be able to follow up on them.

The scalability and traceability of this project has made it possible to evolve what in principle was a website designed solely for the consumption of information to a tool for reporting, monitoring and anomaly management, aimed at both managers and managers, who allows anomalies to be created and their life cycle monitored until they are resolved or cancelled.

In this way, we provide a new work tool for Iberdrola's day-to-day work thanks to a webapp that responds to the different profiles of users and facilitates and simplifies their work, adapting to multiple devices.

Iberdrola dashboard
Iberdrola issue screen
Iberdrola solutions library
Iberdrola solution

All information at hand

Iberdrola workers throughout Spain already use both tools. In our commitment to publicize its functionalities, improve incident management and provide a training base, we have developed a Gatsby manual that is kept updated as new functionalities are incorporated into the designed tools. In this way, any new worker who joins the ranks of Iberdrola can learn about the use of the tool in a self-taught way and consult all the doubts that arise about its operation.

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