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Women of different ages using a tablet
Women of different ages using a tablet

An app for a better quality of life. Comprehensive digital solution for the management and care of the elderly and dependent people.

  • Digital product

Ubikare offers comprehensive home health and care services for the elderly through its own software. With the aim of empowering families and involving them in the care plan, Ubikare saw the need to offer NAIHA to families and caregivers. This new release is an application designed to improve the quality of life of seniors who want to grow old at home.

Carer holding hand to elder user

Together with the Ubikare team, Worköholics designs and develops an app that makes the work of caregivers easier and more efficient, which results in a better care for the elderly and less care overload for families.

Improving the provision of socio-health services thanks to NAIHA

This new tool for families has been designed thanks to the co-creation processes of the design, development and knowledge team, which contributes to a better service provision by Ubikare. Thanks to it, Ubikare's clients, the families of the elderly and dependents, obtain answers to their main concerns, allowing them to be aware of everything that happens at home, ask questions and talk to the Ubikare team of professionals.

It is also very useful for care professionals, who can keep track of their daily tasks and centralize the information of the people they care for. In addition, it helps facilitate real-time decision-making by Ubikare staff, making their management work more efficient and agile thanks to task automation.

Ubikare app, main screen showing last news and appointments
Ubikare app, care plan showing access to clinical history
Ubikare app, Services plan showing Ubikare list of professionals
Ubikare app, consultations screen

A functionally advanced socio-sanitary application

NAIHA is, in short, a powerful healthcare software capable of offering unique utilities in the field of Comprehensive Person-Centered Care. If we review some of its main functionalities, the possibility of accessing geriatric diagnoses and evaluations, the scheduling of appointments and tasks, the possibility of carrying out personalized care plans, practical guides, advice and training for good health, information and communication in real time, management of contracted services, invoices, budgets, and a long etcetera.

Tablet showing Ubikare dashboard with last news, next appointments and articles.

Based on a UX/UI design from the first-mobile perspective, it is chosen a technological solution that makes multi-device use possible, adapted to the different contexts of use and the characteristics of the different audiences.

Ubikare app, main screen showing tasks
Ubikare app, task detail screen, showing frequency, time, activities to be completed, etc.
Ubikare app, showing option to switch profiles
Ubikare app, screen showing activity called 'oral hygiene' with instructions, description, goals, etc.

Research and co-creation as keys to success

The research processes carried out together with Ubikare in the first phase of the project have been key in obtaining a result focused on the real needs of families. In addition, carrying out an in-depth analysis of the different audiences and their needs has allowed us to add ideas to the design processes and has yielded certainties and evidence that have been collated, both during the co-creation process, and in different tests with users.

Ubikare app, main screen showing tasks
Ubikare app, task detail screen, showing frequency, time, activities to be completed, etc.
Ubikare app, showing option to switch profiles

In order to successfully carry out the project and be able to design a truly innovative service, it has been essential to work on agile methodology, with permanent client-agency contact.

An easily scalable digital product

With our eyes set on the future and the needs that Ubikare might have, we conceived an easily adaptable product with the ability to evolve and scale in an agile manner. For this, a functional, modular and adaptive system is created, allowing new applications to be developed if necessary, selecting specific functionalities according to specific requirements.

At a technical level, a monorepo (version control system) is created with Nx in which both the applications and the libraries coexist, which makes the solution much more maintainable and scalable. In addition, the app developed in Angular with NgRx is refactored and Ionic is added so that, if necessary, the application can also be available in its native version, on Android and iOS.

Other care companies have shown interest in this new tool, so the ability of the application to work in a multi-language and multi-brand context is another of the project's requirements resolved at a technical level. For this, a configuration based on variables is proposed that takes into account the brand, the user role and the language, which allows a set of copies and messages adapted to each case to be displayed.

At a technological level, a webapp-type solution is proposed that guarantees optimal accessibility of the tool from any device.

Btem award

Chosen best app at the National Design Awards

The application has received the highest recognition in the sector during the 2022 edition of the Anuaria National Graphic Design Awards. Specifically, it has been awarded the Anuaria Gold Award for the best app, the highest recognition awarded within the contest promoted by Veredictas.

Anuaria Gold Award 2022

Anuaria Gold Award for the best app