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A journey towards a more sustainable world. Corporate website for AZTI.

  • Communication

The customer journey as a guide

The new website is much more than a product and service portfolio. It is a digital asset designed to meet very specific communication and business needs due to the sector in which AZTI operates.

A tool capable of perfectly combining what different types of visitors expect to find (potential customers, media, researchers, etc.) and what AZTI is interested in telling them. But does so without losing sight of the organisation's ultimate goal: to respond to all the phases of the customer journey experienced by the different audiences it interacts with.

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Azti laboratory woman doing testing in a test tube

A dynamic, conversion-oriented website

With a simple, attractive, accessible and usable design, the new website contributes directly to improving AZTI's positioning in its field of specialisation. Highly dynamic due to the high level of news it generates and the events in which it participates, the website presents AZTI's capabilities, products and services, and success stories as the cornerstones of a content structure focused on the United Nations 2030 SDGs.

A clear navigation system, necessarily oriented towards conversion, makes visitors to the website pass through the different products and services offered by AZTI via related projects and success stories, elements that facilitate decision-making and favour the generation of business opportunities and the gathering of leads.

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