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Basque Food Cluster

Prized awards. Designing for innovation and sustainability in the food sector.

  • Branding
BTEM cuted orange

AZTI and the Basque Food Cluster promote the Basque Country Food Innovation Awards to support and boost innovation in the Basque Country's food sector. Worköholics collaborated in the creation of the naming and brand design for these awards.

Btem food plate

The awards recognise Basque companies that incorporate innovation in the development of their products, processes or techniques, positioning the Basque food sector as a leader both inside and outside of the territory.

New brand, new awards

Looking to the second edition of the biennial awards, the customer conveyed to us the need for a brand identity for the awards, and the design and naming processes to favour their identification and recognition.

Btem yellow logo
Btem cads mobile

Food innovation as a brand

We value the objectives associated with food innovation, which we used as a concept for the creation of the brand, including elements reminiscent of nature. Developing a representative and memorable image that crosses borders with award-winning Basque companies working nationally.

Btem logo
Btem logo vinyl
Btem logo pennant
Btem poster orange and fish with logo

A name with roots

Without a name there is no identity, so we created a name that projects the personality of the awards and their objectives. To do so, we immersed ourselves in the theme of food innovation and got to the root of the awards when constructing their name. We combined the acronym “berrikuntza” (Basque translation of innovation) as the central concept of the awards, with the three award categories: technological innovation, business innovation and market innovation.

btem naming

Food-based graphic identity

The event recognises evolution and transformation, which served as our inspiration for the brand design. The typography reflects the transition that is taking place in the food industry from traditional products to new presentations, from a humanist style to a more digital one.

Btem fish and orange

We went natural

We incorporated a nod to nature in the design to humanise the image by adding a small leaf, to associate it with food and natural products.

The colours also focus on the organic, with a proposal based on the chromatic palettes of the food itself, opting for low saturation and avoiding bright colours not naturally present in the environment.

Btem logo horia
Btem logo azul
Btem logo verde
Btem vegetables

Best brand logo

Our design for the BTEM Basque Country Food Innovation Awards won the Anuaria Award for the best logo for a product or service in 2019. Which is fantastic recognition by the Veredictas awards for the best design work produced in Spain.

Anuaria Selection 2019

Anuaria award to the best product or service logo