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Gizakia Foundation

Strategic communication for the new positioning of Gizakia Foundation, a reference in addiction care.

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Gizakia Foundation is a social entity with more than 35 years of experience helping people with addictions from an integrating perspective. Today, its work also extends to the areas of prevention, job placement, training and advice.

Worköholics accompanies the Foundation with the definition of a renewed communication and brand positioning strategy that responds to the needs of Gizakia in the incorporation of new services, audiences and business areas.

New audiences, new positioning

To reach a wider audience and show the scope of the Gizakia Foundation, we work on positioning the brand as a benchmark in the care of known addictions and the so-called new addictions such as gambling, drugs and other non-substance addictions. We do it by valuing their experience, their multidisciplinary team and their way of working.

People centered strategic communication

As a starting point, the current ecosystem of the Gizakia Foundation is analyzed in depth in order to know its services and positioning, as well as the supports and communication tools they have.

Based on the results of the study, the need to change the focus of the communication actions that start from the foundation has been detected, adapting them to the target audience. To do this, we develop a communication strategy that appeals directly to the user and, together with the Gizakia team, we carry out a restructuring of its services. To facilitate the connection with the public, we adapt the visual and verbal language of the services so that the different target groups can feel identified.

A new way of presentation

Based on the communication strategy and the new service structure, we redefine the content architecture of its website to transfer the new positioning of the Foundation's brand, creating a renewed digital experience.

Based on a branding work in accordance with the new strategy, a brand universe that permeates the new site as well as the rest of Gizakia's communication and dissemination spaces is created. In this way we unify its presence and give it its own personality. At the same time, we identify the strong messages with which we build the Foundation's argument.

Gizakia, personas

We guide the change process

For the definition of the services, we provide continuous support through different co-creation sessions, where people with different roles within the Gizakia Foundation participate. This approach, with Worköholics as the driver of change, has allowed us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the entity and define the new organization of services focusing on users.

We use Design Thinking methodology and establish collaborative relationships to support companies and organizations like Gizakia in their communication and brand positioning processes. We get involved with each project from within, applying a strategic vision and playing the role of catalysts for change.

Design and word: the perfect match

The new positioning of the Foundation leads us to build a discourse that impregnates the different communication media, such as the brochures that collect the different problems that the institution deals with, generating a collection of pieces that work together and separately. The campaign has a double objective. On the one hand, it seeks to make people with addiction problems feel identified. On the other hand, it allows for the presentation of the services offered by the Gizakia Foundation.

In this way, a complex issue such as addiction is brought closer to society and its destigmatization is promoted. The idea is that people feel accompanied and understood, offering them information about the entity's programs and how to access them.

Graphic and communication strategy go hand in hand creating an impressive and emotional campaign, easy to identify and understand thanks to the perfect link between image and word.

Transformative alliance: 10 years working together with the Gizakia Foundation

The collaboration between Workohölics and the Gizakia Foundation did not come about by chance. Together we have previously tackled other projects on different aspects of its development as a social entity.

A relationship that is maintained over time, giving us the opportunity to monitor their work, contributing with our know-how in different areas of work at Fundación Gizakia and feeling part of their team and their processes in order to guide them towards their goals.