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Last Tour

The power of music. Corporate website for a sector leader.

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More than an events calendar and a catalogue of artists

Entirely conversion-oriented, the new digital asset developed by Worköholics in conjunction with Irontec, was conceived to offer the user the possibility of purchasing tickets for concerts and events promoted by Last Tour.

Artist discovery, promotion and representation is another area in which our customer is successful. Last Tour’s large catalogue of bands, solo artists, DJs etc. should have a prominent presence on the new website to promote bookings.

One of the priorities of the project is to promote and facilitate the sale of tickets for events organised by Last Tour as well as the booking of artists.

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Festivals, marketing, and even a record label

Specifically, Last Tour organises and promotes six music festivals: Bilbao BBK Live, Azkena Rock Festival or BIME are just a few examples of mass gatherings that, at least for the moment, will have to now wait to receive the thousands of people who regularly attended in their thousands every year. In the meantime, they constitute one of the sections of the Last Tour website, where they hibernate waiting to come back stronger than ever.

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A website with a global vocation

The music promoter now has a multilingual website with a global vocation that responds to the needs of a highly diversified and constantly evolving business. Festivals, calendar, news, training, marketing services, corporate information, operation of event spaces and venues, press area, or record labels such as Oso Polita. They all have a place on Last Tour's new corporate website.

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Last Tour's new website responds to a diversified and constantly evolving business model.